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CreRaces is a Minecraft mod developed by SaydaGames that's made on the Forge API. The CurseForge page was created on February 23th, 2021 and the first patch (a1.0) was released later that same day. CreRaces currently supports Minecraft 1.18.2 & 1.16.5.


The Beginning

Once you start your world with CreRaces installed you will be prompted with the Race Selection GUI where you can browse all the mods different races which can vary from Undead Necromancers to small innocent fairies!

Race Abilities

In CreRaces every race will have some special abilities or properties that makes them stand out from the other races! The current format is: Passive, Primary Ability (A1) and in most cases a Secondary Ability (A2).

  • The Passive is something that's always happening in the background.
  • The Primary Ability (A1) is the races main ability, the one that's used the most.
  • The Secondary Ability (A2) is the races utility ability that might be used to toggle different race stages or forms.
  • When it comes to Active, Passive, Toggle & Innate inside any of the abilities mentioned above it's a bit different. An Active ability is something that happens when the player presses a button or interreacts with something to activate it, A Passive ability is something that happens when the ability is available or while it's active and A Innate ability is something that's always available, A Toggle is something that can be turned on or off on command.


A list of all the current races: (IDs: 1 - 20)


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